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Domaine la Pierre Blanche Editorial sele

Fresh days
are coming.

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Domaine la Pierre Blanche
Domaine la Pierre Blanche

To feel blessed.

To be present.

To express our love for nature's treasures

and all forms of inspiration.

To be in a beautiful place.


To look up to friendly skies

and feel a mistral kiss

from the mountains with a touch of

lavender and olive scents.

To paint a day in every color.

To learn something new we never once dared to. To enjoy a sunny afternoon in cozy waters.


To bathe in a glass of rosé.

To say the words we always

wanted to say.


To rejoice and reconnect.


And take home unique memories

that will live on. Those are singular souvenirs.

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Services & Amusements



  • Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool

  • Outdoor Jacuzzi (Suites Herbes Douces)

  • Tennis Court

  • Pétanque Terrain

  • Petit Spa L'Agate: Salle de Massage

  • Concierge Services




  • Restaurant L'Opale 

  • L'Ambar Sunset Lounge

  • L'Azure Fresh Bistro

  • FIBER free WIFI

  • Disabled Access

  • Air Conditioning

  • Heating

  • Friendly Pets allowed

  • Airport Transfer

  • Secure Parking

  • Car Recharging Point NEW!

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