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You are safe here.

The Domaine la Pierre Blanche follows the HACCP standards, as well as EN14476 and ARS.SANTE.FR policies, which are the necessary and official requirements for providing true hospitality.

Nevertheless, our Philosophie d'Accueil has been carefully revised for this year.

Our SAFEGUARD CERTIFICATE indicates that our hotel is a the place with the most up-to-date security measures for health protection of our guests. Follow our procedures for every main area of our Domaine.

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Rooms & Suites


  • We use disinfectant and bactericidal products for floors and surfaces, in accordance with the EN14476 standard.

  • After each departure, each room will receive a light treatment with UVC and Ozone.
    Such procedure is also used in hospitals for complete hygiene against viruses and bacteria.


  • We use disinfectants and bactericides in spray for pillows and covers, as well as in sanitary areas (Standard EN 14476).

  • Our governance team will use masks and gloves which will be changed every 3 hours.

  • We are replacing some cleaning accessories with disposable items.

  • The linen is washed at a temperature above 60 °. Service provided by the company BDC.



  • We have a spacious terrace as well as large interior spaces allowing us to have a social distance between the tables.

  • Our buffet menu for midday meals will be replaced by lunch formulas.
    Our dinner service, as Brunch service on Sundays will offer options à la carte .


  • Menus will be printed on ECO single-use disposable paper, or presented in cleanable formats. Such cleanable formats will be sanitized with  alcohol after every use.

  • Pepper and salt will be offered on request, in small sachets for each client.

  • All tables and seats will be cleaned after each service with professional disinfectant and bactericide products.

  • We will increase the number of zones with distributors of PURELL TFX HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL.

  • Our public restrooms will have limited use with the installation of motion detection faucets for customers to wash their hands without contact.

  • Before and after the dinner service, the restaurant interior will be treated with UVC and ozone light.



  • Our sanitary cooking procedures already follow HACCP standards.

  • We only use Winterhalter machines with temperatures above 70 ° for all of our tableware.

  • Our work surfaces and floors are cleaned with professional disinfectant and bactericidal products, in accordance with standard EN 14476 or DVV.

  • We encourage the use of DECITEX LAVETTE and drying paper instead of tea towels.

  • We will increase the number of zones with distributors of PURELL TFX HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL.

  • Our kitchen staff will continue to wear gloves and masks at all times, which will be changed every 3 hours.

  • Our team always uses special uniforms for work, leaving their personal clothes outside the kitchen.

Pool & Terrace


  • The pool area is reserved for hotel guests.

  • The water in our swimming pool is treated daily with hydrolysed salt and additional chlorine, against viruses and bacteria. Complies with ARS.SANTE.FR.

  • The pool is monitored and managed by a local professional outsourced service.

  • All pool towels are washed at temperatures above 60, service provided by BDC.

  • We will increase the number of zones with distributors of Purcell TFX HYDROALCOHOLIC GEL.

  • We will provide professional sprays of disinfectants and bactericides for sofas and pool chairs.

Please allow us to express our deepest gratitude to the heroes who showed commitment and courage during the difficult days during the pandemic of 2020. We also offer our warmest appreciation and respect to all our partners and team members who are giving their best in order to offer peace of mind  and healthy days to every single one of our guests.

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