Massages at L'Agate

Take a time to relax with massages in our Petit Spa L'Agate, with massages performed by local professionals and ecological products. Find the perfect way to relax or tone your body.

Massages at L'Agate


Our massages are perfect for a holiday in Provence. Leave your troubles behind. Discover our Petit Spa L'Agate.


HAVRE DE PAIX :: Just breathe. This is a relaxing, comforting massage to help you find peace and serenity.

75€ for 50 min. / 90€ for 80 min

LA VRAIE BEAUTÉ :: A Draining or Lymphatic technique for perfect body hydration. Summer is here!

80€ for 50 min

UN PAS AU PARADIS :: Balancing energy points while focusing on your back relaxation. The perfect way to start your vacations, taking the weight off your shoulders.

90€ for 50 min. / 130€ for 80 min

SOIN DE PURE BALANCE :: Harmonization of physical and emotional energy. For the revitalization of muscles and organs, using oriental techniques with stimulation of the meridians.

90€ fro 50 min / 130€ for 80 min

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