Experiences brought by our Domaine

Uh, le joie de vivre! Enjoy!


Life is about the memories we collect along the way. When visiting Provence, we have put together with partners a list of great activities for our guests to bring home joyful souvenirs. We also promise a few surprises during every stay.

A Classic Ride

The Serine des Alpilles offers a tour aboard a Delage 1931, to visit and taste the wines of local producers, ending the afternoon with a picnic among the olive trees. Tours for couples and families. It's simply fantastic!


Do you want to discover the Alpilles National Park and its beautiful curves on each road, or visit some charming villages? Or maybe you want to train for the next Tour de France? We can help you rent a bike, with all the security items.

Cooking with Giuseppina

Fusing the Italian flair with locally sourced ingredients from les marchés paysans, you will learn to cook delicious and elegant meals and go home with unforgettable memories.

Cooking with Jane

Every food lover should take a cooking class to master the art of Provence cuisine. Cook with Jane Satow in her La Cuisine Provençale.

Grape Stomping

Immerse yourself in one of the world's oldest traditions. Take a tour of a Provençal farm, learn how grapes are cultivated and how wine is made, PLUS stomp grapes in enormous antique oak barrels that are waist-high, roomy enough for 4+ people, and have a view of Mount Sainte Victoire.

Horse Riding

Join le Petit Romain to have an encounter with the Alpilles mountains, which are simply incredible with their lovely sights. You can find beautiful trails for nature walks, or plan a horse ride to take breathtaking views from the summit of the mountains around us. Maybe also having a PicNic after the ride?

Inner Balance

If you feel your stay will benefit from a moment of peace and inner balance, join classes in the region next to a fantastic yoga team, or request an exclusive Balance Hour in our Domaine. Nasmastê!

Jour du Marche'

Meet Curious Provence in order to take advantage of market days in nearby villages. She knows all local producers and will let you taste their treasures. After the tour, a small glass of local wine always awaits, as you pick delicious ingredients to put in your basket.

Massages at L'Agate

Take a time to relax with massages in our Petit Spa L'Agate, with massages performed by local professionals and ecological products. Find the perfect way to relax or tone your body.

Photo Souvenir

Make your visit even more memorable by taking special pictures with Curious Provence. Strike a unforgettable pose next to an amazing view. Make your time in Provence stand still! And... If you have an important question to ask your loved one, we will also give you a little help by setting the right mood, in the perfect place!

PicNic in the Alpilles

How about spending a few hours under a pleasant shade, surrounded by nature, good wine and some selected snacks?

Tennis Lessons

Are you interested in lessons or just a partner to play with? Here is the place. Our Court is also free for guests. I

Up in the Air

To see Provence from above! Yes, getting up early is part of the deal in order to have this breathtaking experience! Especially during the lavender season, the France Montgolfières team is ready to show you the view of the Gods. Packages for a single or a Couple ride is available.

Vintage Car Rental

Discover Provence in style. Yes Provence allows you to be the chaffeur, and will offer you several options of old time classics for you to enjoy your days. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen, because we do offer convertibles. Feel the wind!

Wine Tasting

We are happy to plan your visits with our partners in the area, to visit the vineyards and their shops. Seasonally, we also organize tasting encounters for guests and visitors, offering a few sips on 6 regional creations. Santé!